It's Hard To Find Love

Creatures lurk within the walls of Tayman Funeral Home, obscured by the deepening fog of February. You'll find yourself trapped within the mildewing walls of the Victorian funeral parlour, begging for a way out. With the caretaker away on his winter retreat, the power is out, and the only source of light will be a candle to guide your way though the maze of madness. If you hold on tight enough, you may just be able to keep your hold on your loved ones.... but if they stray too far away you can probably still hear them screaming.

Don't miss this very special production!
Tayman Funeral Home will be open on Friday February14th and Saturday February 15th, starting at 7:30 pm. Ticket sales close at 11 pm. Tickets are only $10 per person!

When Dan Tayman found his true love Anabelle, he knew from the moment he saw her that he would one day call her his wife. They spent many happy years together establishing the flourishing town of Tayman, until the fateful events that ultimately led to the destruction of everything they had worked so hard to build. It is said that their souls still inhabit the town, in perpetual search for one another. If you look hard enough, you may be able to catch fleeting glimpses of them in the moonlight, still searching each other out and looking for their lost love.




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Tayman Graveyard is an intense attraction. Strobe lights are in use. Actors may
touch you, but you may not touch the actors or props. You may be drawn into
the show, so be prepared to get wet, bloody, muddy, and generally have a good time.
This attraction may be too extreme for young children. and some adults as well.
By Entering Tayman Graveyard, you agree that you may be videotaped and your
likeness used for advertising purposes without any compensation. Ticketholders
agree to hold Tayman Graveyard, its producers, actors, and employees harmless
in the event of injuries.

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