In 1870, a young man named Dan Tayman came to Texas as part of a cattle drive. The young cowboy worked hard, riding, roping and keeping the cattle in line on the way to the stock yards in Fort Worth.

With the cattle finally in corrals, and the trail drive over, Dan left Fort Worth and headed south to see his beloved Annabelle. Her father, a politician, had moved the family to Austin Texas as part of his political career. Dan didn't know how he would persuade her father to let him marry Annabelle, but he knew if he kept working hard, something good would come his way.

Stopping to make camp and feed himself as well as his horse, Dan bathed in a stream and washed his clothes right along side his tired aching body. While drying by the camp fire and eating, something caught Dan's eye. A tiny glimmer of light coming from his clothes. Upon inspection Dan could see a metallic substance had been left behind on his dungarees after washing them. Dan was no fool, and he instantly recognized the metal as gold! It didn't take Dan long to find the closest town and purchase the land from the government.

Further surveying of the land and property yielded interesting news to Dan. More that just a few flecks of gold ran through the water. The land was rich with gold! Starting slowly and panning for gold, Dan saved enough to buy bigger equipment so he could begin digging in earnest. This was the beginning of the Tayman Mines. One of the largest gold mines ever found in Texas.

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