The town of Tayman has always been cursed it seems. Long before the mine collapse that killed 23 men, the land was said to be tainted. After the collapse of the mine the Tayman residents were subject to more tragedy as a mysterious plague tore through the town causing people to become feverish, ravenous and so deleriously violent that they turned on their own family and townspeople. In the chaos a massive fire started and ravaged the town. A few lucky citizens were able to flee. Those that stayed were never seen again. The residents that fled told tales of the dead reanimated. Husbands, mothers and sons come back to life and feeding on their fellow townsfolk. When the smoke had dissipated and the flames had all but died a small group of men from a neighboring town came to search for survivors and found the town empty. Not a soul in sight. But rumors spread about the cursed town of Tayman, inhabited by the dead. It stood empty for decades. Over the years the tales went from the terrified whispers of locals too afraid to speak it's name to a story kids told at slumber parties to scare their friends. It is no wonder that these tales would attract the interest of somebody with sinister intentions.


In 1966 it briefly became the campground for a mysterious man and his followers, attracted to the town for it's dark history of the undead. John Jackson believed that he had the ability to travel to another plane of existence and in doing so had discovered the secret to living forever. He traveled the country with his wife, Karen, collecting a group of misfits and outcasts looking for love and acceptance. He promised them they would all be a family, together forever. He promised them eternal life... and the price? They just need die. John and his followers begasn squatting in the remains of the town of Tayman.They set up tents in the woods and performed their strange rituals in the old abandoned funeral home. The tales of what happened next are fuzzy. Some say John went mad, methodically going tent to tent and killing his followers one by one in the night. Others say they died willingly, each putting their trust in the man that had given them the love and community they so craved with the promise that where he went, they would go and that soon they would all be together for all eternity.



The bodies were discovered weeks later, when the smell drifted into a neighboring town. The corpses were treated like transient trash, thrown into a mass grave in the woods and never spoke of again. The 50th anniversary of their deaths is coming and something dark and unatural is stirring in the town of Tayman. The members of The Children Of Samsara were promised eternal life and they intend to have it.


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